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Let the hero story a little more "mud gas" – Chongqing window – People’s network, like to listen to Grandpa’s story when he was a child. He was a people’s Liberation Army, told army combat hero story vivid, often on the outline in two words or three very vivid image. For example, he recalled a platoon leader, "swear with Shandong." "Gecu eat at the table" in front of the total charge "". Although the language is large vernacular, the details are also very common, but up to now I have not forgotten. But when I grew up, I saw a lot of movies and TV stories about heroes, and the impression was more profound than that of the platoon leader. Hero story is the carrier of heroic spirit. In the absence of TV, network, or even hard to find books in our hero memory mainly rely on word of mouth. The language of the masses is not delicate, and in some good "carved" writers, even poor". But this is the language and detail description of the earthy taste, and the strong and sincere feelings behind it, but the most concise, the most impact, the most picture sense, memorable. Inheriting heroic stories is also part of the inheritance of national spirit. At present, some people in the society always attack the heroes with sensationalism and false rumors, trying to discredit and cut away the heavy heroic memories. Surprisingly, these rumors are still in the market, and continue to spread in the circle of friends. Is this also reflected from the negative side, we are not good enough to inherit the heroic spirit? It’s undeniable that some places are not very good at telling true heroes. Some students to the martyrs cemetery grave, but no one on the rhythmical ceremony, meaning, the grave is more like "as a mere formality; some preach heroism, habits and lack of emotional plot, echo what the books say, cannot cause the listener response; some description of the hero image, with some words of the pursuit of high flashy without substance, Daquan, do not pick gas. These deficiencies lead to part of the public understanding of the hero is not enough, not deep, individual people even breed resentment, thus providing a living environment for rumor spread. Some people comment on Comrade Lei Feng: his general character lies in his behavior, everyone can do it; his greatness lies in his behavior, everyone must try hard to be able to do it. As a matter of fact, heroes are ordinary people who try hard to make extraordinary things, and there is no need to beautify or even deified them. They also have the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures also have brothers and sisters. If we stand in the mass perspective, use the language of the masses, dig out some of the great in the ordinary, let the heroic deeds with a thick "clay gas", but will have more powerful power. Vilify is the insult to the personality of the martyrs, but also to the national feelings of injury, we can not tolerate, also need not tolerate. But to pay homage to heroes, more attention must be paid to the skills and methods of communication. Only speak well and make good use of the hero of the story, from beginning to end, average real, long the heroic deeds handed down, in order to make heroes into the hearts of the masses, inspired generations of people to follow the example of the hero, courageously forward. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 30 August 05 Edition) (commissioning editor: Qin Jie, Zhang?)

让英雄故事多点“泥土气”–重庆视窗–人民网   小时候,喜欢听爷爷讲故事。他曾当过解放军,讲部队里战斗英雄的故事活灵活现,往往三言两语就勾勒出十分生动的形象。比如他回忆一位好排长,“骂人带点山东话”“吃饭圪蹴在桌旁边”“冲锋总在最前头”。虽然语言都是大白话,细节也很普通,但直到现在我都没忘掉。倒是长大以后,看过不少讲述英雄故事的影视片,留下的印象反不及这名排长来得深刻。   英雄故事是英雄精神的载体。在没有电视、网络,甚至书籍也难寻的年代,我们对英雄的记忆主要靠口耳相传。群众的语言算不上精致,在某些善“雕琢”的文学家看来,甚至还“贫乏得可怜”。但就是这样沾满泥土味道的语言和细节描述,加之背后强烈而真挚的感情,却最简洁明了、最有冲击力、最具画面感,叫人终生难忘。   传承英雄故事,也是传承民族精神的一部分。当下,社会上一些人总是用哗众取宠、错漏百出的谣言来攻击英雄,企图抹黑和斩断厚重的英雄记忆。令人惊讶的是,这些谣言还颇有市场,并在朋友圈中不断扩散。这是不是也从反面折射,我们在传承英雄精神方面做得还不够好?   不可否认,一些地方确实不太善于讲好真实的英雄故事。有的组织学生到烈士陵园扫墓,仪式有板有眼,却无人讲解其中深意,扫墓更像是“走过场”;有的宣讲英雄事迹,习惯照本宣科,缺乏情感情节,无法引起听者共鸣;有的描述英雄形象,用一些华而不实的词句,追求高大全,一点也不接地气。这些不足,导致部分公众对英雄了解不够、不深,个别人甚至还由此滋生反感情绪,进而给谣言传播提供了生存土壤。   有人评价雷锋同志:他的普通,在于他的行为人人都可以做到;他的伟大,在于他的行为人人都得努力一下才能够做到。其实,英雄就是那些努力做出了不平凡事情的平凡人,根本没必要刻意美化、甚至神化。他们也有七情六欲,也有兄弟姐妹。如果多站在群众的视角,使用群众的语言,多挖掘一些平凡中的伟大,让英雄事迹带上浓浓的“泥土气”,反而会有更震撼人心的力量。   丑化是对烈士人格的侮辱,更是对民族感情的伤害,我们不能容忍,也无须容忍。但在向英雄致敬的同时,必须更注意传播的技巧与方式。只有讲好、用好英雄故事,原原本本、平平实实、长长久久地把英雄事迹传下去,才能使英雄们走进群众心里,鼓舞一代又一代人以英雄为榜样,奋勇前行。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年09月30日 05 版) (责编:秦洁、张?)相关的主题文章: