Liu Qiang East on the eve of the 11 double released to the grassroots cadres in a Jingdong of 20%- S vidown

Liu Qiang East on the eve of the 11 double released to the grassroots cadres in a Jingdong of 20%- Sohu first financial news reporter was informed that in the double 11 Eve, notify the Jingdong group today issued a 2017 pay general adjustment policy, the Jingdong group in 2017 to all grass-roots staff salary increase. Among them, the level of increase in the level of not less than 10% employees, supervisors, managers and employees are not less than 20%. The employees salary increase for the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong at a regular meeting early executives directly finalized the decision. Liu Qiangdong said, with the Jingdong’s business gradually mature, Jingdong will put more resources to enhance the competitiveness of staff salaries and benefits and working environment improvement to allow more employees to share the company’s growth brings rewards. At the same time, he called for increased investment and recruitment of outstanding technical personnel. The publication of this email includes salary details: it is reported that the Jingdong is a professional management and internal two development sequence for the staff, professional series from P1, T1 until P6, T6, sequence from M1 to M5 management. For strategic focus groups, the company will set up a more flexible and competitive space. For senior management, the company will continue to combine cash and stock incentives to motivate talented people." Jingdong in recent years has been promoting the welfare and treatment of grassroots staff growth. Earlier, Jingdong had worked in the city can not go back to the new year, the first line of staff, for many years launched a 3000 yuan per child for the Spring Festival welfare, will be used to stay home children receive new year. At the same time, for female employees, in addition to the statutory maternity leave outside the extra 30 days paid maternity leave. Jingdong also said in the message, in order to retain and attract more talents, in addition to the existing salary and welfare characteristics, Jingdong is also actively planning and carry out the "phoenix nest plan", namely Yizhuang Jingdong headquarters as the center outward radiation, infrastructure for employees of the Jingdong to create office, residential, education, medical etc. integration, let employees at "settle down in Yizhuang".相关的主题文章: