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Live comfortable and fun, her buddy teach you how to parenting – Sohu maternal and child at three p.m. on November 12th, comfortable baby to "from parental heart" as the theme of the first child live. Live mainly around the parent-child relationship between parents and children as well as help parents approached the child’s inner world, to understand the language behind the child’s behavior. The live event host by the founder of the brand baby comfortable comfortable comfortable lady, invited her buddy Li Fang King live teacher as guests, and invited nearly 20 parents came to live in the interaction. Shu Xin (left): Wenzhou people, after 80, the founder of Shuxin baby brand, senior parenting division. Hangzhou maternal and child industry pioneer, ten years of entrepreneurial history, maternal and child industry chain Almighty mobilization. Wang Lifang (right): Deputy Director and chief mentor of Hangzhou Center for mental intelligence. National two counselors, Zhejiang province mental health promotion association. China family usually choose to live and work in a stable state of parenting, now most of the mothers have the habit of surfing the Internet, rely on the acquisition of health counseling from the Internet platform, the query information about maternal and child products, maternal and child health knowledge, attention to parenting knowledge. On the one hand because of online knowledge too fragmented, and does not have the authority, but also the lack of pertinence, substantial families cannot resolve parent-child problems; on the other hand, most of the people on this piece of psychological misunderstanding, to enter into the psychological clinic is exclusive, that only have mental illness personnel should look for experts consulting, so many mothers in parenting this piece of the lack of authoritative guidance, lead to a backlog of parent-child problems. Comfortable baby founder and co-founder Chen Hongyu (left) and Chen Naigong (right) baby will comfort the customer as a friend, I hope to provide customers with best ability of living and psychological help, is committed to providing customers to solve the problem of parenting, family, friends and other aspects of the law. Role of family health management specialist. This comfortable baby the first child live comfortable, and her buddy up for a mother who escort, to solve the problems encountered in the process of parenting, the live up to 1.5 hours, the mother who enthusiastically participate in the discussion, put forward some common problems in parenting process, get professional experts to answer. Photo event (1) the following is online and a mother who proposed the representative problems: Q: some children is a bully at home, but outside a coward? Be bullied will go home crying how to deal with it? Answer: the child’s psychological and energy, like a glass of water, the need for continuous energy storage. Timid on the outside to prove that the child’s energy is not enough, need to go home like a parent for energy, he hopes you can fill the glass of water. If he had any timidity and cowardice outside, he would go home and ask for help and save energy for him to face the outside. Q: the child was beaten outside the parents how to do? Should not teach him to fight back? A: you can ask him how he feels, but don’t teach him how to fight back, or because he may not be able to do it, never teach him anything!相关的主题文章: