Man driving a Mercedes Benz to steal a motorcycle, said had stolen do not want to buy a new

Man driving a Mercedes Benz to steal a motorcycle that had stolen not want to buy – Beijing         88197600 hotline (reporter Zheng Zhinan) the morning of October 22nd, a district near Ji’nan road and Hualong Road intersection in DHC, a public value of 4000 yuan stolen motorcycle. Police traced all the way, found that the theft of motorcycles was a Mercedes Benz owners, the owner said his motorcycle was stolen, he chose to steal someone else’s motorcycle. The owner of Zheng Moumou together with two other people, theft of two motorcycles, has been jingfangxingju.         more than 7 in the morning, the police received the alarm, the public said his motorcycle was gone, this motorcycle is spent $4000 to buy.         chief of the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau police brigade Licheng branch business department Feng Wei told reporters, after they arrived at the scene, through the transfer of control, found the motorcycle is stolen, "we chase monitoring, found three men stealing motorcycles to a small industrial road in the vicinity of."         police investigation found that the suspect also drove a Mercedes Benz car, we found the owner of the information, and visited the investigation in the district to determine the location of their rental." The police investigation into the building, found the stolen motorcycle.         "after a while, two of the suspects came back with a white plastic bag." Feng Wei told reporters that they took advantage of the two people were arrested and found that the bag contained in the painting, they steal the motorcycle is blue, they are ready to spray into white." Subsequently, another suspect was arrested.         it is understood that in the morning, three suspects came to the cell door, found a motorcycle in front of a fast-food restaurant in front of the door, they put the motorcycle stolen, then to the district a motorcycle theft.         "they stole the motorcycle is no big lock on the theft, when they get to try, the newspaper does not alarm, if not the police pushed away." Feng Wei told reporters.         Benz is one of the 27 year old suspect Jeong Jeong, reportedly, Chongqing, and others doing business in Ji’nan Benz partnership, he just spent 320 thousand yuan to buy the. The other two suspects, a person of 27 years old, a person of age of 18.         Feng Wei told reporters, according to Jeong account, he had a motorcycle, was stolen, do not want to buy, so the choice of theft.         "at the entrance of the fast food restaurant, the motorcycle was stolen." Feng Wei reminder"相关的主题文章: