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"Mother" first edition of Dingzhuang Zhao exposure "twin" Yu Yi cited expectations – "mother" entertainment Sohu Yu Yi as the two master "long Ji Zong" Yu Yi "mother" as the three master "long nobumune Sohu" entertainment news recently, actor Yu Yi drama "mother" first edition of Dingzhuang Zhao exposure, Yu Yi played two roles. Two calm makeup was leaked, it triggered a netizen to Yi decorated the two corners of the relationship between the characters and the fate of the characters of the conjecture. It is reported that the actor Yu Yi in the "road" in the mother with twin "long Ji Zong" "Long Yan Zong", with Yue Lina as the "Liu Yingniang" there are a lot of scenes. "Twin" Yu Yi’s appearance, but also for the maternal love legendary drama "Mother Road" added a fresh feeling, quite cited expectations. Makeup as long as Yu Yi, two master "long Ji Zong" dressed in black robes coat gown, white breasted jacket, thick and full of sense of sculpture, with three master "dress appearance of Long Yan Zong" contrast. His body, two master "takatsugu literati style simple and elegant" to highlight. But the white jacket on the delicate buttons and dark fabric patterns, but also highlights the long side of the social status of family. In contrast, wearing a collar, single breasted dress "Long Yan Zong" is a bit more clear, and in its left background method returned. Long extension length shirt just perfect suit sleeves exposed cases, progress of youth and the smooth and clean filling, a micro lift jaw and hand in the bag also revealed the lapel posture of the wild and intractable. Whether it is the style of dress or personality differences, twins Yu Yi set, a surprise. From the "dog stick" in two to the girl, "the Jedi" in Wuchang gun, and then to the "brave heart" in Zhao Shucheng, every time the play Yu Yi’s performance is amazing, every character is lead a person to endless aftertastes. The character of Yu Yi in "self-sustaining" Niang plays twin brothers, is a new attempt to look forward to. By Yue Lina, Yu Yi starred in the "Mother Road" is currently filming in the drama director by Guo Jingyu, Zhang Shaohua, Shi Ke, Yang Kun, and other senior strength’s effort to join the drama of bone.相关的主题文章: