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National Defense University experts: the long march   show; self correcting power — military — any vigorous life, any a powerful system, is strong and powerful, an important reason is its self correcting ability strong, can continue to improve. The long march to the fifth counter campaign failed to start, the end of the Armed Forces General Assembly division victory, this one from the failure to rise, to the victory of the process of firm and indomitable give us what enlightenment? Recently, this reporter interviewed the deputy director of the Department of military research and military history, National Defense University, Li Yinxiang. Reporter: the victory of the long march has been 80 years, however, the spirit of the long march is still a huge attraction to attract people to study and study, which is why? Li Yinxiang: there are two reasons, one is because the spirit of the long march is a typical sample of humanity, such as the ideal faith, hard work and selfless dedication and heroism, iron will and so on, the great spirit of respected people pursue, can find, in the spirit of the long march and the long march spirit can cross time and space, into a generations of soul. Two because of the long march victory reflects our party’s strong self correcting ability. Any vigorous life, any powerful system, the reason is strong, powerful, an important reason is that it has a strong ability to self correction, can continue to improve themselves. In the long march showed the ability of self correction, highlighting the strong vitality of our party. So today, I want to focus on self correction. Reporter: why do you pay special attention to this problem? Li Yinxiang: from the birth of the Communist Party of China in 1921 to the victory of the long march of the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army in 1936, our party has gone through many twists and turns on the road of exploring the Chinese revolution, and has made some mistakes and mistakes. In the past 15 years, the Young Communist Party of China has corrected the mistakes from time to time with great political courage. This course has a key role in the development of our party and the victory of the Chinese revolution. After the failure of the great revolution, our party to correct the error of Right opportunism, the agrarian revolution and armed uprising of the policy, set up their own armed forces and revolutionary base. The Zunyi conference is an important meeting in China Communist Party and the Communist international break contact under the condition of independent held, ended Wang Ming "left" route, established the leading position in the central Mao Zedong and the Red Army, solved the most urgent problem for our party and military organizations were faced with the crisis, in extreme history the key to save the party and saved the Red Army, save the Chinese revolution. The struggle with Zhang Guotao, let every Liverpool realize that the party commands the gun is an important guarantee for the victory of the revolution, the unity of the party is the basic condition for the success of the revolution, the correct choice of strategic direction is an important factor of victory. This once again a major line struggle and the establishment of the final correct path, reflects our party’s strong ability to self correction. Reporter: after the founding of new China, the party’s ability to self correction in the socialist construction of the play? Li Yinxiang: the construction of socialism is the most profound and greatest in the history of our country相关的主题文章: