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Negombo is the former president of Sri Lanka: chef made crab feast! Sohu said: welcome to the fishing town of Negombo tourism. In addition to, also can not transfer around, eating a sinseong hoe? You know, the world precious ingredients — Sri Lanka export crab from Negombo. Moreover, there is also a former president, "Chef" seafood restaurant! Singapore Sauteed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce, raw material was Sri Lanka crab? Chilli crab dishes | Sauteed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce Singapore on behalf of the world famous, and authentic "Singapore spicy crab", the raw materials are from Sri lanka! Sri Lanka’s export grade lagoon crab is recognized as the world’s best crab. This is a very precious ingredient, the reason is simple: delicious, rare yield. And it is interesting that this is very famous food to eat in the origin of Sri lanka. The reason is probably because few traditional Sri Lanka crab. In addition, if the fishermen to a large export grade crab fishing harvest — may worth a month, so you can understand this precious crab. Seafood restaurant in Gimhae crab club in Sri Lanka. The use of export grade lagoon crab Holland hospital in Colombo later a restaurant started to use the export crab as ingredients, the price is not cheap but always bustling, popular among travelers, the secret is here. Now, Negombo is a former president of Sri Lanka by Chinese "Chef" opened a restaurant, also used this precious delicious crab export grade lagoon! Before, President Mahinda · love chef crab; President Rajapaksa and Xi the bearded Sri Lanka President was called "Mario Chinese restaurant" Jinhai seafood. Crab club, in Negombo’s most bustling area, away from the sea is only five minutes walking distance. The owner of this restaurant a great background: he was the former Sri Lanka President Mahinda · Rajapaksa had several years Chef (by the way, the president is very pro, so popular in the Chinese people respect, affectionately called him "Mario"). After the election of the president, "Chef" opened a restaurant in Negombo Jinhai seafood crab club. The imperial standard, we can make a "King’s feeling". The meal and the "Chef" can say, from Sri Lanka to political life, guaranteed harvest! The former president, "Chef" opened the restaurant. The seafood Jinhai crab club, especially seafood cuisine, non breeding lagoon pure wild crab meat and fresh and sweet, produced from the Negombo lagoon without pollution. "Chef" to get the crab, had a tremendous effort. Because crab business is very drag, said the crab export special". Later, managed to persuade chef crab provider, took some crabs to try it. Eat crab business do Gimhae crab, full of praise, immediately promised to supply things crab. When this was now the sign of the crab dishes. Of course, burning grouper lobster and various seafood level also be nothing difficult (home chef ah). Want to eat oysters? Can also meet! Seafood restaurant in Gimhae crab club rooms. There are a dozen, priced at $50 – $80, clean.相关的主题文章: