Ningbo fruit powder hot bright black iphone7plus still can not buy the price doubled

Ningbo fruit powder hot bright black iPhone7Plus double the price to buy is still data with iPhone7 and 7Plus officially launched sales, fruit powder enthusiasm was ignited again. However, reporters yesterday from the digital market, in addition to bright black 7Plus hard to find, iPhone7 sales of other colors were not as good, the price is relatively stable. Reporter Mao Leijun bright black models basically no goods reporter learned from the market, iPhone7 and 7Plus sell the best black models. Because before has not introduced a black color, so the maximum capacity of the 256G models listed, it is out of stock status. Yesterday, the reporter in the day of the square, an Apple authorized dealer to see, other color models are displayed, but the lack of bright black models, there is only one reason not goods. The sales staff said that due to capacity reasons, black launched a new mobile phone has been in short supply, while the 256G 7Plus bright black is a hard to find. Now the store price is 18000 yuan, compared to the official website of Apple’s $7988 price more than doubled, but still out of stock. If you want to buy now, you only have to pay a deposit, and then wait. As for how long to wait, sales staff said they do not know. It is estimated that at least 2 months. The reporter in Apple’s official website inquiries, 256G bright black 7Plus, if the book is now, the fastest shipment will have to wait until November. Specializes in digital product marketing Ningbo Shanghai tide play studio responsible person Mr. Nie told reporters, before Apple tyrant gold, rose gold color models also caused a berserk, but this is all black models and still cannot be mention in the same breath. "Before either gold or rose gold nouveau riche, there are many points of gender differences. Men generally will choose gold nouveau riche will choose, and Ms. rose gold. But now the black, especially bright black models takes all men and women, so the demand on a large lot, which also embodies all the pursuit of individuality." The reporter learned from the digital market, the shopkeeper said, in addition to black models sold out of stock, other colors such as iPhone7 sales of silver and gold and rose gold did not imagine good, the price is relatively stable. For example, rose gold 32GiPhone7, the official website price of 5388 yuan, while the authorized dealer price is $5688, only $300 price difference, but also spot. Nie said that from a national perspective, the average price of iPhone7 and 7Plus in the Ningbo market is lower than the national level, lower than in Hangzhou. He explained that the same 256G bright black 7Plus, in the Hangzhou market to sell more than 20000 yuan. Waterproof function is very attractive to a lot of people trying to buy a new iPhone7 fancy is its new powerful waterproof function. "Although officially claimed to be able to use normal temperature in the water for half an hour, but some people have been tested, up to 2 hours without any problems. Therefore, under normal circumstances do not need waterproof jacket. The love of the early adopters of the year.相关的主题文章: