Ningbo girls like the painted legs continued has been restored to injury recovery shiyang

Ningbo girls like painted legs continued: has been restored to injury recovery in September 23rd, this newspaper published the "maiden body statue pagoda Park, was a black mark," reported the tattoo strokes legs. These two days, there are some enthusiastic people into hotline, brainstorming to clean the statue of graffiti marks. Yesterday morning, reporters once again came to the five statues in the park beside the tree and found two days before being applied position was clean, "girl" and the restoration of the neat appearance. The partial polishing cleaning, has been basically restored to the original site you can see, this statue is basically restored white appearance. Before the most serious painted face and legs, already do not see traces of graffiti, only girls eye and lip sculpture outside the convex and concave has some obvious slight residue. Ningbo Yong Zheng Garden Construction Co., a staff surnamed ho told reporters that the 23 day, as maintenance personnel for the polishing on the stains of the parts with small polishing. Because it is used to mark the black strokes, for a long time, the ink seeps into the white marble, to completely remove traces, can only be used to polish." The staff explained why. For a small amount of residual stains the eye and lip, Jiangbei City Management Bureau landscaping section Lu Yaping explained the whole story. Because the statue is carved in accordance with the real structure of the human body, so the eye and lips are a certain degree of curvature. When polishing to the maximum extent to maintain the original sculpture, and requires very careful operation, the slightest mistake, it may cause damage. Therefore, the maintenance personnel is the first to ensure the shape of the characters on the basis of as much as possible to clean up stains. In particular, around the eye, the concave and convex radian is more obvious, if the grinding strength is too large, the statue’s demeanor is easy to change." Lu Ke Long pointed to the girl sculpture leg said, "including these muscles, grinding very difficult, polishing every time, will inevitably cause some damage, and the damage is not restored." Serious damage to public facilities circumstances transferred to public security departments, in addition, Lu long also told reporters that the five Western character statue was built in 2000, now has 16 years of time, while building the western body statue, at that time is a very fashionable thing. "The beauty of human sculpture is recognized internationally. So many years, no matter how reconstruction, tree park renovation, the five sculptures are always here, is also a landmark building." Sixteen years of time, these sculptures can stand still, "maintenance" was still young, it is not easy. Let Lu chief regret, these years, there are always a few individual quality of the people will be in the above graffiti, even throw stones at it, resulting in different parts of the statue is incomplete, the intention destroyed this beautiful. But if in order to prevent the few spoilers, and the statue in the construction of the external barrier, and it is unpleasant, affecting the overall environment of harmony park. "So we will improve the monitoring level of science and technology, increase the search efforts at night, once found the deliberate destruction of public facilities management, law enforcement personnel, will be filed in serious cases transferred to public security departments for disposal.".相关的主题文章: