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Note7 this bombing, let Samsung new earnings – Sohu in surprisingly ugly technology Microsoft and apple conference two heavy attack, Samsung released the 2016 fiscal third quarter earnings in the latest. As Samsung itself and the industry forecast, due to the Note7 battery explosion, Samsung smartphone business revenue and operating profit fell. Mobile phone sales decline is limited, but the operating profit downturn hit a new record in the earlier forecast Samsung released its latest quarterly earnings data, we have prepared for Samsung Electronics sales, gross profit and operating profit fell. Earnings data and the official version of the Samsung official forecast is not much difference, and whether the last quarter was compared to the same period last year, these data have a small decrease in the last two years, almost freezing performance. Note that the deadline for Samsung 2016 for the third quarter of fiscal year September 30th, and the company decided to stop selling and recall Note7’s decision was announced on October 11th, so this quarter earnings data does not reflect the overall impact on the performance of the Note7 bombing of Samsung’s overall management. Taking into account the Samsung Electronics Semiconductor, home appliances also have a certain impact on the market, this quarter earnings really triggered the discussion is actually the mobile business sector data. The business unit in the intelligent mobile phone sales revenue this quarter was 22 trillion and 90 billion yen ($19 billion 300 million), compared to the same period last year fell 14.8%. The more tragic is the unit’s operating profit, since the March 2010 launch of the Galaxy series mobile phone from Samsung, Samsung mobile business is the first time such a low operating profit — 100 billion won ($87 million), compared to the previous quarter plunged 97.6%. This also means that originally in the last quarter was a lot of hope that Samsung’s new flagship phone Note7 did not help Samsung earn more money. Semiconductor, household appliances, display panel business up Samsung mobile phone sector had a hard time, but thanks to the development of Samsung Semiconductor, LCD panel, household appliances and other business, Samsung relies on intelligent mobile phone business is not as high as apple. So for less Note7 this "long legs" Samsung, semiconductor and household appliances business may become the second half of this year has been consolidated business. The sales of Samsung Electronics and display panel business last year has a small decline, semiconductor sales revenue rose slightly by 2.5% to 13 trillion and 150 billion won ($11 billion 500 million), is the smart mobile phone sales of second high outside the business, is also the highest quarterly profit transport business (4 trillion and 400 billion won). However, in terms of operating margins, although the semiconductor business last year declined, but compared with the first 3 quarters of this year, there is still a relatively large rise. Household appliances相关的主题文章: