Obama made his last speech at the UN General Assembly made four points ca1810

Obama delivered his last session of the UN General Assembly speech put forward four points of the original title: Obama delivered his last session of the UN General Assembly speech put forward four points of data figure: Obama News Agency reporter Zhang Yuran photo China News Agency, the United Nations in September 20 Xinhua (reporter Deng Min) 20 U.S. President Obama to attend the seventy-first session of the UN General Assembly general the debate, with nearly 50 minutes to complete his term of the last session of the UN General Assembly speech. He said the United States can not solve all the challenges facing the world alone, while calling for the current path of globalization to be amended so as not to make the world more differentiated. Eight years ago, when Obama made his first appearance at the United Nations, "the four pillars", that is, to prevent nuclear proliferation, the Israeli Palestinian peace agreement and the fight against terrorism, climate change and the development of the global economy. On the 20 day of the speech, he also puts forward four points: the global economy for the benefit of all mankind rather than a few rich, build inclusive and accountable governance mode, against fundamentalism and racism, to strengthen international cooperation. In reviewing the changes of the world in eight years, Obama cited a series of progress, such as the global economy out of the financial crisis and restore growth, solve the Iran nuclear issue through diplomatic means, to thaw the beauty of the relationship and achieve agreement on climate change. However, Obama also pointed out that globalization more closely in the human Internet also exposed deep-seated problems in the existing international order, "every day we can see the headlines on the wave of refugees to escape the brutal conflict" and "terrorists using social media to confuse young people and endanger the open society, raised for immigrants and innocent Muslim anger". Obama called on the world to choose a better cooperation and integration mode to move forward, rather than return the split and conflict between the old, at the same time to revise the current path of globalization, in order to avoid the world more differentiation. Obama stressed the need to continue to strengthen international cooperation in order to address the challenges facing the world. He also called for continued international cooperation in the rights and obligations of states". At the same time, Obama admitted that it is impossible to eradicate extremism and separatism in the short term, but he still believes it through diplomatic means and non military means to solve the problem of conflict in Syria. However, just after the United States and Russia reached an agreement on the ceasefire in Syria, Obama still did not forget to attack Russia on a number of issues, such as Ukraine. "In a world far away from the imperialist era, Russia is still trying to regain its lost glory by force." Last year, at the same general assembly podium, Obama called for the resignation of President Assad of Syria, and the Russian President, Mr Putin, retorted that "it was a mistake". Obama also said the United Nations the world stage to him trying to succeed the presidency of Republican presidential candidate Trump, "a wall around the country can only live", "the world is too small, we can’t simply. It will be able to (extremism) from outside". Previously, Trump had claimed in the Mexican border and a ban on Muslim immigration. Although Hilary and Trump these two U.S. presidential candidates are not in the United Nations 8相关的主题文章: