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50 million 2 thousand and 17 years into the era of online education think-tank listed three new board Sohu technology Author: Mao Qiying online education after a period of "cooling", recently renewed upsurge of financing. Teacher’s day on the same day, Wang Changxiong, chairman of the era think tank, told reporters that the company has nearly 50 million yuan of financing in August, at the same time, a new round of financing is about to start. Wang Changxiong told reporters, with whom to learn, work together and ape exam mode of online education, online education company 2B2C is the era of intelligence, have their own online education platform and the teachers, the main business model of B2B2C, the teachers, students and parents and partners to form a complete closed loop, to achieve online and offline the whole business flow of interoperability framework. Public information, enter the 2002 era intelligence education industry, and is based on target positioning, intelligent diagnosis, and connection resources, build K12 ecosystem education, independent research and development operations "classroom of the future" and "auxiliary line" two platform based on knowledge mapping and adaptive machine learning technology as the core, through the public school and counseling institutions, implementation of customized service, let Internet plus personalized education possible. According to reports, the company’s annual profit of about 10 million yuan, the growth rate of more than 200% next year, in 2017 the number of users increased to 3 million, will select the new board listed. Wang Changxiong from Wenzhou, but the structure of education in Qingdao, the current round of investors from investment institutions in Shandong, Fu Wo equity investment company. The funds will be used for the development of new educational information products, expand team strength, develop the market, strengthen and increase brand awareness. Relevant data show that in 2016 China’s online education market size is expected to exceed 180 billion yuan. Among the various segments of online education, K12 tutoring in particular to attract the attention of many industry giants. Wang Changxiong believes that the concept of online education is purely speculation no future, parents and schools will not pay for it. Only to solve the user pain points, that is, a good platform experience, it may be sustained profitability. And then still in the loss of online education companies, the concept of speculation to win the hype of the capital, the greater the risk of late.相关的主题文章: