Philippine killer has been ordered to kill thousands of people have been killed in the assassination marie digby

Philippine President killer exposure had ordered the assassination of thousands of people pushing under the crocodile pool – Sohu Military Channel global network reported: according to Singapore reported on September 16th, during the Philippines a former killer to Congress President Duthel Te openly testify as Davao mayor, not only under the assassination, even personally kill. Duthel Te since early May as president, especially drug-related criminals to kill "". The police have confirmed that the first 72 days of Walter, mopping up action has led to more than 3500 people were killed, an average of 47 people a day. About 40% of them are police, and 60% of the victims are unknown. Whether it involves extrajudicial executions is currently being investigated by the senate. Called the "death squads" were executed more than 1000 people Duthel Te has been a civil rights organization that served as mayor of Davao, the establishment of "death squads", lynched by the executed more than 1 thousand people. A former killer in the death squads in the Senate on Thursday for the card, not only broke a cold-blooded murder technique, also said that Duthel Te himself had shot and killed a member of the judiciary. The name of Matuoba many 57 witnesses, he was one of Walter a killer. According to him, composed of police and former communist rebels as death squads Davao mayor in Duthel Te’s 25 years (1988 to 2013), with lynching executed more than 1 thousand people. Death squads received instructions issued directly by Duthel Te, or in the mayor’s office officer to convey. Mato Badoh through the television for securities conference that he had heard the Duthel Te assassination. Most of the executions of death squads object is the criminal suspects or the Duthel Te family enemies. "It is our duty to kill criminals, drug traffickers, rapists and robbers…… We kill almost every day. They were slaughtered like chickens." Dump a cruel sadistic manipulation technique executed grim, people have been burned, strangled, mutilated and thrown into the sea to feed the fish living or being pushed into the crocodile. The police said Matuoba multi issue orders left and right is sadistic, "they say common ways to kill". Many of the victims were called "police officers" suicide squad members abducted, taken to torture and buried mine. Mato Badoh claimed to have killed about 50 people. He said that the victim was strangled after being stripped, fire and then cut into pieces. Some of the victims were taken out of the body after death, thrown into the sea, so as not to float on the body. There are also some dead bodies in the streets, a gun in his hand. Mato Badoh cited him to know who was executed, including a suspected "international terrorist", a foreign man often criticized Duthel Te’s announcer, Davao City, Duthel Te’s four bodyguards, a rival of Duthel Te Paul (son of Vice City, Davao City, long) a boyfriend’s two political opponents, the Duthel Te sisters the. See Duthel Te kill judicial officials hearing is the most frightful to the ear, the witness said saw the murder of Duthel Te. He said that in 1993 he and kamikaza in Davao mission, at an intersection by the justice department investigators to car arresting,"相关的主题文章: