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"Please! Maybelline, the first home of the United States, such as a variety of live variety show formally launched on the 2016 day of the year, by the New York high street tide makeup brand Maybelline New York carefully created the first domestic beauty class live variety show, please! Maybelline on the new line, the first phase of the program on the first day of the month of 20:00 debut in Ali broadcast platform (Youku Tmall). Two monthly Thursday broadcast programs, each set of scene beauty theme, creating a live session of the pioneer of definition. What kind of beauty show? Live beauty trend of cool new tide, the New York masters are not afraid of you to ask Maybelline! New York made the beauty class live variety show, breaking the traditional beauty live video routines, showing the form of variety, each have different themes, not only satisfy the curiosity of the audience, set from time to time out bursting point closer to the scene audience’s life, creating more possibilities for brand communication for young consumers, to achieve a win-win situation. Live is not enough, each a mystery guest sits, will end "live variety! Maybelline "first broadcast special astrological God Alex uncle went to the site, interactive and Maybelline New York chief makeup artist Ray Yang scene, together to help bloggers create makeup beauty spot. In addition to all programs in Astrology Horoscope secret most wanted more analytical, teach how to use lip opening, and the most suitable for the twelve constellations of the transport of makeup. Watch and learn and buy, shopping and entertainment teaching innovation Maybelline New York has three once again subvert the traditional mode of online shopping, will please. "! Maybelline’s "live page open Ali live, consumers watching the program, click on the side will be able to obtain a discount, directly find their favorite products on the page to buy, yesterday’s first live attracted million users online at the same time, the amount of online purchase million interactive detonated boom, double eleven to lay a solid foundation. "Please! Maybelline "the next phase of the program will be July at 20:00 on the line, coincides with Halloween, Maybelline New York will invite the mysterious guests came to the scene, to bring a hitherto unknown wonderful" change makeup "party, please pay attention. Seriously study the beauty, good shopping non-stop Alex uncle picked light color — lasting color Maybelline extreme moisturizing lip liquid dye RMB109-4.5ml stunning lasting Maybelline New York stunning lasting stained lips liquid RMB109 4.5ml Maybelline New York first dye lip liquid, bright color clear, lasting color does not fade. It is the perfect combination of lipstick and lip gloss, both lip gloss crystal color, but also the soft texture of lip gloss. Unique brush head design, fit the lip, help you accurate dosage, uniform color. Lightly wipe, lip wrinkles disappear, easy to create a lip effect. The Reds advanced beauty artifact – Light & seconds decrescent Maybelline New York Light & stick 2 color RMB129 8g Maybelline shadow stick RMB129-8g Maybelline New York & New York’s first double color stereo bronzing stick, with delicate texture of the double face magic wand, pale head!相关的主题文章: