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Really. Around the earth – xiangpiaopiao combined with the Shenzhou eleven open space marketing plan – Sohu and have a hot on the earth: what’s out – Hong fluttering tea this time, has not satisfied the fluttering around the earth, when we are still the number of how many around the circle, with "space has Xiangpiao preparatory matters". In September 23rd the "odd poly space" as the theme of the Tmall space marketing plan and media communication conference, the United Chinese Rocket Technology Research Institute, China Aerospace Museum, jointly opened the "odd poly space" programme, ten enterprises, including xiangpiaopiao into the program of the first business cooperation, to create a series of new industrial space play a large hole in the brain open. Wanyuan Industrial Company general manager Ma Guang, "three" author Hugo laureate Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin, China Rocket Technology Research Institute’s minister Li Tongyu, Chinese carrier rocket technology research institute director Guan Song’s Alibaba, general manager of Juhuasuan Liu Bo, state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission propaganda bureau director Chen Jingdi and other leaders guests attended the communication media. Business for eleven years, has been to seek a global xiangpiaopiao sophisticated, high-quality raw materials, first-class make a cup of tea; the establishment of the first national tea base center in Beijing, the main improvement of product quality at the same time, the launch of new milk pure tea tea juice, the choice of space activities xiangpiaopiao as partners, but also to xiangpiaopiao brand and quality recognition. Don’t know what the astronauts are in the small hungry little sleepy, is also not to drink xiangpiaopiao.相关的主题文章: