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Samsung mobile phone explosion fire burn to A shares? After the number of listed companies busy to disassociate themselves Samsung mobile phone battery explosion occurred, not only let the domestic numerous Samsung mobile phone users feel care-laden, Samsung has also recently transfer associated A shares of listed companies nervous. The investment treasure (mjtzb2) reporter noted that in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and easy interactive communication platform for investors, recently a number of listed companies was asked about the impact of the Samsung mobile phone explosion brought against the company, the relevant listed companies have expressed, the relationship between the distance from the event. Samsung ATL, Samsung Electronics China volley statement on September 19th, and Samsung Note 7 mobile phone battery supplier of Amperex Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as ATL) were released on the fuel cell’s statement. The investment treasure (mjtzb2) reporter landing China Samsung official website, a "Samsung statement" shows: "Samsung pay close attention to the recent Note 7 combustion event, September 18th, on the Chinese media coverage of the events, we through the Samsung Electronics Research Institute, quality inspection departments to carry out a detailed analysis of the product detection the results show that the damage is caused by external heating. Samsung Electronics uphold the supremacy of the concept of consumer rights, attaches great importance to this event. At the same time, Samsung Electronics will continue to focus on R & D, design in line with China’s consumer demand for products and services to provide the best product experience for Chinese consumers". The statement was dated September 19th. On the same day, ATL on its official website issued a "on the problem of burning Galaxy Note7 battery statement", aiming at the problem of combustion reported Galaxy Note 7 batteries, Samsung Electronics Company in conjunction with the customer on the problems of the samples were studied, and the samples to judge the combustion production of the battery has no direct relationship. According to the trace of combustion on the sample, it is speculated that the heat source comes from the outside of the battery body, and there may be other external factors that cause the heating problem. Will continue to pay close attention to the use of the company’s products in the market. BYD and other companies have clarified after the Samsung mobile phone battery explosion occurred, there may be a lot of Samsung mobile phone users in considering the issue of mobile phones. For investors in the capital markets, they are concerned about the company’s involvement with Samsung listed companies involved in them, and whether they need to change the stock issue. In fact, after the emergence of the Samsung mobile phone explosion, many investors are concerned about whether the incident and the relevant listed companies. In July this year, BYD (002594, closing price of $56.31) to complete the company’s non-public offering of shares, through the non-public offering, the company introduced the Samsung Group’s investment. In the wake of the explosion, the SamSung group before the shares caused some investors worried. In September 3rd, some investors asked easy interactive communication platform for investors in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Samsung Note7 country line version of the battery is not provided by the company. September 17th, BYD responded by saying: up to now, the company’s mobile phone battery has not yet been a security accident. Not only BYD,.相关的主题文章: