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Chinese ancient science and social works of Joseph Needham "civilized titration: Science and society in the west" Mr. bookstore shelves, price concessions, the free mail, click on the bottom of the article "read" buy this book. In May 12, 1947 London Kang Weitang (Conway Hall) published after the Conway memorial lecture, published in Mainsteam, 1960, 13, 7 (No. 7). In this speech, I would like to try to outline the organization of Chinese society. If we are concerned with the issues of rationalism, ethics and religion in social life, we will certainly be interested in some of them. The reason why I do it, because I was thinking about these topics, tend to one of the study I think of cultural history and the civilization history of the most serious problems, that is why modern science and technology originated in Europe rather than asia. The more we know about Chinese philosophy, the more we realize that it has a strong rationalism. The medieval China technology to understand more, more aware, not only is the invention of gunpowder, as everyone knows, such as papermaking, printing and compass, Chinese and found many other inventions and technology changed the Western civilization and the development of the world. I believe that the more we know about Chinese civilization, the more we will be surprised that modern science and technology have not developed in china. First of all, I would like to talk about the origin of Chinese civilization, that is, from the 1500 BC, the development of China’s feudal system. Don’t forget that there is a big difference between Chinese civilization and other great civilizations. As we all know, the valley civilization of Mesopotamia and Egypt has long been closely linked with the ancient civilization of India Valley and the Babylon civilization. The river valley culture, which is not closely related to these civilizations, is only the Yellow River civilization. The Yellow River is the cradle of the Chinese nation, especially its upper reaches. In fact, as I would like to stress in the future, the the Yellow River civilization and the Bronze Age of Europe were linked by a number of clues. But in spite of this, the independent development of the Yellow River civilization is more than that of the west. The origin of the original form of Chinese society is very important, because we can see that Chinese philosophy can be traced back here. The French Sinologist Ge Lanyan (Marcel Granet) and other universities have shown that the origin of China city may be related to start making the bronze, this is because the earliest metallurgists must have complicated devices, and these devices need protection, accident to deal with the tribal society change and rural life. The king traces how the primitive society transformed into the feudal society of China in the bronze age. For example, we know that there are a lot of ancient poems in the Book of Songs. Today, we can see from these poems, these folk songs were sung by young men and women, they were in the spring and Autumn Festival held in the two quarter of the song to dance to find a partner. People come from villages to meet. The early feudal lords to capture these sacred place of the gathering, turning it into a "feudal state" of the altar or temple, the earliest town is generated from here. In the so-called!相关的主题文章: