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Shaanxi again photographed wild giant pandas in Ningshan stocky hair color clean – Sohu News China Daily Health News (reporter Wang Bin) the day before, Ningshan county is located in the crown Mountain Provincial Nature Reserve once again captured a wild panda video image. It is understood that the reserve in February last year also photographed wild giant panda, and initially infer that two are not the same individual. Liu Gefei, deputy director of the crown mountain Reserve Authority, has installed 30 infrared cameras in the protected area. "In February 19th, we found videos and photos of wild giant pandas in our recovered cameras."." The Chinese commercial newspaper reporter saw that the photograph was taken in January 10th. A giant panda had a strong body, clean and clean hair, leisurely wandering and foraging. In February 2015, the reserve also photographed wild pandas with infrared cameras, which were different from last year. A preliminary observation of the panda pictures by the tour guard in the reserve shows that the body is a sub giant panda, weighing about 60 kilograms, which is smaller than that of the panda captured last year. It is preliminarily inferred that the two are not the same individual. The giant panda and its habitat are the main protected objects in the crown Mountain Provincial Nature reserve. The protected area is located in the territory of Ningshan, which is the biological corridor connecting the two local populations of Qinling Mountains giant panda, Tian River, Huashan River and peaceful river beam. It is also an important region for the genetic exchange of giant panda populations. The recovery of the same batch of infrared camera photographed a golden monkey, takin and goral, black bear, golden pheasant and tufted deer and other one or two national animal protection activities photos and videos.

陕西宁陕再次拍到野生大熊猫 身材健壮毛色干净-搜狐新闻   华商报安康讯(记者 王斌)日前,位于宁陕县皇冠山省级自然保护区再次拍摄到一只野生大熊猫视频图像。据了解,该保护区去年2月也曾拍到野生大熊猫,且初步推断两只并非同一个体。   皇冠山保护区管理局副局长刘戈飞介绍,他们在保护区安装了30台红外相机,“2月19日,我们在取回的相机中发现野生大熊猫视频和照片。”华商报记者看到,照片拍摄于1月10日,一头大熊猫身材健壮,毛色干净整洁,悠闲地游荡觅食。   2015年2月,该保护区也曾用红外相机拍到野生大熊猫,本次拍摄到的地点与去年不同。经保护区巡护监测人员对大熊猫图片的初步观察,从体型上认定是一只亚成体大熊猫,体重60公斤左右,比去年拍摄到的大熊猫体型小,初步推断两只并非同一个体。   皇冠山省级自然保护区以大熊猫及其栖息地为主要保护对象。保护区地处宁陕县境内,是连接秦岭大熊猫天华山和平河梁两个局域种群的生物走廊,也是大熊猫区域种群进行遗传物质交流的重要区域。本次收回的同一批红外相机还拍到了金丝猴、羚牛、红腹锦鸡以及黑熊、斑羚、毛冠鹿等国家一、二级保护动物的活动照片和视频。相关的主题文章: