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Sign the truth: Mom Po I have to break up scale plant disease (Figure) Libra because I joked that he would sleepwalk, he will break up! Obviously the misunderstanding has been lifted, he still has nothing to say and do not contact me! Libra is not looking for excuses to break up with me ah…… Sina o users called o constellation Pisces love said to the Sina constellation mom treasure I have to break up scale plant disease and I met in a Libra dating sites, he and I are the first about friends meet, meet a good impression of each other, after it fell in love for a year. Libra is a traditional Mensao, listen to parents words, gentle. When reading suffered a lot from the countryside to the provincial capital to the exam, after graduating from our hospital. Parents are farmers, in recent years, they opened an electrical store in the market, life is a little better. My home is in the provincial capital, parents are retired workers, the family is not rich. Above background!!! The beginning of love is sweet and contradictions coexist, I was his first real sense, the first time he will hold my hand tight handshaken. At the same time, we also have a lot of disharmony, such as when he was in love for two months when we are not willing to take me to see his colleagues and friends, as long as the quarrel would like to say something to be separated. Until the run in the big six months before a lot better, the new year, we have each other to each other’s parents and relatives, in his home, his parents are very good. Just when I thought it was time for happiness, it was a turning point! After the new year back, I found that he suddenly gave me the cold shoulder, always say that they work less time to rest tired, sometimes half a month to see me, every day only before sleeping with my phone to sleep, at first I was very considerate, also comfort him, he later told me icier, in I pressed him said he was found in a small tumor grew on the body, said afraid I abandoned him, at that time I tried to comfort, but he remained impassive. Finally, in a quarrel, he broke up and said something that shocked me. His parents tried to force him to break up with me because of a misunderstanding! I just can’t believe it. I used to joke that he sometimes sleepwalking, he was asked a few words, I did not take seriously, and then asked me several times, I did not explain. He has seen him in my for gospel truth, parents, his parents once accidentally and he talked about my health, he said I was sleepwalking, his parents suddenly began against the. He said that he had been trying to persuade his parents for a month, but in the end I could not bear the pain of my parents. Break up when he said he was sick, tired of work, family economic conditions are not good, and I will continue to fear that I will delay, coupled with his parents, but also to continue, he can not afford the pressure. I think it is not enough for him to love me, he was sick this thing my parents do not mind, but also always said that I should be more concerned about him, economic problems can be resolved, as sleepwalking, this is a misunderstanding. After breaking up, I cried to go home, my parents are very sad, my mother and his father called to explain the sleepwalking this misunderstanding, his father said they?相关的主题文章: