Sorry, I don’t want to meet you in my next life happynewyear

Sorry, I do not want to meet you next life, public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: reading a piece of paper bound a lifetime of 1 I know this problem into the group, it will cause a great disturbance. Indeed, on weekdays than a reserved woman have a bomb thrown back in! I don’t have to wait until next time! Why not change? A piece of paper bound life, afterlife ill, also looking for the same person? Change, change, change, say three important things! I am holding mobile phone can’t help laughing had seen Sanmao and Jose, think of the dialogue. Sanmao: would you marry me if I had an afterlife? Jose: No, I don’t. If there is an afterlife, I want to live a different life. San Jose call. Jose: you also think so, isn’t it? You just didn’t say it. Sanmao face smile, really think so. When I was young, I did not understand this dialogue, and I love my whole life together, and I would like to live next life. 2 later learned, Book of Songs in the "one day apart, such as Sanqiu Xi", "Shu Yao Xi Qiao Xi. Auntie,", "love does not see, Sao Chi Chu song", "heart on love, not that far away, in the center, I forget"…… It is fool the little girl, after that the implement of man is not withstand scrutiny, let all kinds of crazy women. Soon, the group concluded with a man not reason: the most typical 1, after marriage is the love period small attendant, second lecythus down does not help the uncle, what things have to serve all kinds of evil woman, easy work. 2, love parties are not willing to accompany the family, there is such a man, married women have a sense of security, guarding the home, they tend to circle the passion in tuibeihuanzhan derived, women started nagging, men began to avoid. 3, live lazy live outside the ground, bestie often say husband will have half will work harder at home, it would have a lot of dispute. Macho kind of "gentleman far blister kitchen" the idea that women are born for housework, man is born for the cause. 4, there is no mystery couple, no longer concerned love change, seek new clothes how, his eyes from the mobile phone to say it is OK, in his day in and day out neglect, women weight soared, emotional rage…… In fact, these women put back to choose again, the election is still the same person. Because there is no experience and will not taste the traditional code of conduct, which, how to choose? After reading Marcks’s 3 traditional code of conduct "Cholera" love in the time of the last page, Ariza looked at the ring on the mariner’s compass scale and horizon, and in December the cloudless sky said: "we go, go, return to Hong Kong gold." Firm tone. The captain asked him, "do you really mean it?" He said: "since I was born, I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true." The captain looked at him and looked at Phil Minna. Dassa, are they brave)相关的主题文章: