State Council inspection report China’s new economic momentum come from

State Council inspection report: China’s new economic momentum come from? Original title: foster economic development in the new energy — from the State Council third large inspection line report five Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua: October 29 foster economic development, new energy – new norm from the State Council third times inspection report of five first-line economy, must accelerate the development of new energy, the development of the new economy, the upgrading of traditional energy. China’s economy to maintain the rapid growth of new momentum come from? The "double" tide, how the new pattern of new industries, new formats, the development status of emerge in an endless stream? The State Council third times during the inspection, the Xinhua News Agency reporters follow the inspection group of the relevant departments and provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), the economic development of the new energy surging feelings. The "double" the formation of a new economic development momentum in Hangzhou’s famous "double base" – "dream town", this story is not rare: the product is not on the line, get millions of dollars in angel investment, launched two months, and received $100 million financing…… Business only a year APP, "space", is the interpretation of the growth miracle; another company from agency, when all the wages, to the dream town settled after hatching, get 1 million yuan start-up capital, this year was 55 million yuan in venture capital, as the country’s first free part-time students and recruitment the platform, the current valuation has billions of dollars. As the dream town’s name, a "double base", the public record space carrying countless people entrepreneurial dreams came into being in the country. In Hainan Province, Sanya City, Hainan innovation and entrepreneurship incubators for entrepreneurs to provide business training, promotion roadshow, angel investors, listed as "one-stop" services, accept the enterprise settled incubator has reached a total of 260. – since the beginning of this year, Hebei province to speed up the "double" demonstration base construction, and Beijing and other places to build Baoding Zhongguancun Venture Street, Beijing Electric Technology Park "hit" platform, the construction of public record space more than 200, provincial 61 incubators, business counseling base 368. To the end of June 2016, the Yunnan provincial public record that space area has reached more than 12.7 square meters, more than 1000 service entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial enterprises more than 600 households, 5600 people to absorb employment. SAIC data show that the first three quarters of this year, the country’s newly registered enterprises of 4 million 10 thousand, an increase of 27%, the average daily new registered enterprises of 14 thousand and 600. The growth figures reflect the improvement of the business environment. All localities and departments to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to reduce the threshold of innovation and entrepreneurship, actively break the bottleneck restricting the development of the system, create a conducive to innovation policy environment and the ecological environment. Following the October 1, 2015 enterprise registration implementation of "three in one", in October 1st this year, China’s full implementation of the "five one" "as a code" registration system, to further reduce the cost of enterprise run system. In 2015, China’s support of the public business, innovation is tax relief 300 billion yuan or more; following the 2015 reduced unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance rates, again this year, gradually reduce the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees)相关的主题文章: