” super active molecule ” maximum energy capture re confirmation of Einstein’s general the noreply

" super active " maximum energy capture: re confirm the source of Einstein general relativity: Science and technology daily astrophysicist known from the measurement to the highest energy burst of distant objects. The object is a relativistic jet at the earth "super active element", the successful measurement opened the highest energy source of the universe in a window not only, also will re confirm the contents of the relevant Einstein’s general relativity. The research object, named QSO B0218+357, is one of the most active and highly variable energy sources in the universe. It can be understood as a very special type of supermassive black hole in the center of the host galaxy. When the material is pulled into the black hole, there will be a release of energy, the speed close to the speed of light, this is the so-called relativistic jets, while the Blazar is towards the earth injection material flow in active galactic nuclei, which also led to it with other quasars compared to the energetic characteristics. This time, astronomers using atmospheric gamma celen Ke Fu imaging telescope (MAGIC) successfully capture the high intensity gamma rays from the outbreak of blazars. The MAGIC telescope in the Canary Islands to Africa, at the gamma ray spectrum scanning the sky. The primary mirror diameter of 17 meters. It is the same type of telescope in the biggest one, the laser reflector can automatically adjust the focus, focus on weak lasts only 2 to 3 ns (1/1000000000 seconds) of Ke Fuguang celen, detection distance of 8 billion light-years. The astronomical event took place 7 billion years ago, when the universe was less than half the size. Marx Planck Institute of physics, scientists said, QSO B0218+357 was originally a large area of the Fermi space telescope camera (LAT) found that gamma ray band at the Fermi telescope to survey is fifty million times higher than visible light energy. Once found, the team immediately sent to garrison the earth MAGIC telescope battle photon energy — after all MAGIC to capture thousands of times as large as the Fermi LAT camera measurement range, the ultimate success of this measurement deliver the goods. Astrophysicists never before have in the distant objects to such a high energy light measurement, the results will lead us to understand these mysterious field in the universe, and will confirm the theory of general relativity again.相关的主题文章: