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Take you to enjoy the European Piano – Sohu mother and child Steinway piano Steinway& Sons Steinway piano has a long history, the company was founded in 1853 in New York. Its founder Henry · Steinway (Henry Steinway) is a German carpenter, in the kitchen made the first piano. Later, he emigrated to the United States, the establishment of the Steinway company and put forward a purpose: to the greatest possible and efforts to create the world’s best piano. Today, the company more than 2000 employees on the payroll can still see this sentence. In order to facilitate the European customers to buy the piano, in 1880 established a subsidiary in Hamburg, germany. Now, apart from the American market, the rest of the world is made of hamburg. Steinway is a superb craft, and a piano maker should work for three and a half years. In the three and a half of the time in the piano manufacturing school to learn, 34 of the time in the piano factory to do manual. So far, "Steinway" 80% of the processing or pure handmade. Have a great relationship with the wood texture direction of pronunciation of the piano, the soundboard to fight was seamless texture. This process is done by a very experienced teacher. Before the piano factory, but also through the three tone. This is three times the whole tone directly to the voice of the adjustment: the first is to adjust the hammer in a range of soft and hard, sometimes in order to guarantee the sound will replace all of the hammer, although the hammer is extremely expensive. The second tone is to make the sound natural. The third tone is the first two can not be further improved. Three times the whole tone takes a total of 15 – 20 hours. Steinway believes that the instrument is also life. Every material on the piano goes through a very careful selection. The original white keys to ivory, black keys with Congo ebony, but later in order to protect wild animal by chemical bond. The advantage of the ivory key is that it can absorb sweat, chemical bond is wear-resisting, do not change color, long life, and after continuous improvement of hardness is very close to the ivory. On the choice of wood is almost picky, timber to natural drying for three years, then the electronic drying 40-50 days. Even so, the final utilization rate is less than 40%. In addition, many parts of the piano made of wood, the climate will directly affect the piano timbre. The company is to simulate all kinds of climate in the plant to adapt to it. If, for example, the harp is sold to Africa, it will simulate the tropical climate of africa. A good piano factory, in order to maintain the beautiful tone, daily maintenance and tuning is crucial, the Steinway company has a large number of professional and technical personnel to complete this program. Steinway believes that the piano has three legs to support, Steinway company also has three legs to support. The first is the manufacture, the second is sales, the third is the after-sales service. Piano manufacturing is not mysterious, but must be scientific, rigorous. Steinway in the design and manufacture will also find problems, but the problem is not solved by one or two small reforms, small inventions can be a reasonable combination of each component to create a song相关的主题文章: