The car smashed nearly 10 vehicles but no loss cancam

The car smashed nearly 10 vehicles but no loss of a car window smashed position. Picture provided by the respondents. "I didn’t take any cash in the obvious position! I don’t know why you hit so many cars!" Zero o’clock yesterday, there are many cars smashed near Vanke Cherry Park District high tech zone. According to the owners of rough statistics, nearly 10 vehicles smashed cars, windshield and windows were damaged to varying degrees, but there is no items inside the car lost, leaving the scene some suspected stone tools of crime. Currently, the owners have been reported to the district police station. Yesterday, 7 am, who lives in the District of Vanke Vanke cherry garden district received a phone call from the neighbor. The car smashed!" Mr. Lee hastened to own the parking position, at this time in addition to Mr. Li, there are several owners are also in the field of There were many discussions. "The location is most smashed the windshield, there are individual vehicle smashed window position." Lee said, let people wonder is that we have found that the car has not been turned over the traces, even he placed in the car obvious position of cash are not lost. "Cash is not taken, it is clear that the money is not running." Lee said that the location of his car is located outside the district on a piece of open space, because it is not a regular parking lot so there is no management. At the scene, the owners found a stone block, is suspected of tools of crime, as for the reason the car smashed, we guess someone’s anger is drunk. Mr. Li said, the monitoring equipment of an owner in the car, smashed cars time is zero o’clock yesterday. At present, the owners have the police, the evidence has been handed over to the police, the specific reasons for the need for a police investigation. Peninsula morning news network reporter Sun Man, Haili相关的主题文章: