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The graceful cruise, partying every day watching the show good time – Travel Sohu for me, take a cruise is directed to the Lido night dance show! The ocean like, is happy, good rest during the day at night to the theater to see the show, it is like an immortal life! I was dazzled by all kinds of entertainment on star cruises. Can watch Broadway, but appreciate the won warm applause farce. From the piano bar to the deck party, there’s a lot of delightful music, creating a perfect atmosphere of entertainment. There are different styles of cruise on the bar and lounge, the passion of the stars in the lounge dancing all night, you can play. Leisure sipping champagne, Sake or Scotch Whisky, or lazily lying on the top deck of the pool, all the rest, entertainment, enjoy! On the 6 day 5 night voyage I became a frequent visitor to Lido theatre, every day, do not pull the view every night show, the beautiful theater, dazzling lights, wonderful performances, gorgeous costumes, exquisite beauty through the present, it is so exciting! The passion of the "Dance Night Fever" thermal burn, exotic "1001 night" 1001 nights, "Rick Green of the international magic master of magic and fantasy" or "magic", or "nostalgic style promenade" Memory Lane memories are so good to hear or see, is magnificent. These performances are free of charge! Of course, the biggest surprise will be in the last night! It’s tempting to have a "golden temptation", a blood spray! The show no guests carry any video camera equipment, is a comparable to Las Vegas or Paris’s Moulin Rouge topless burlesque show! The stage lighting clothing all is such an actor in ecstasies over. But this show is to buy tickets to watch, a show 280 yuan, the audience needs to be at least 18 years of age. Think about it is quite cost-effective, as to why you think about it. Each show is to let the audience to enjoy the joy of ecstasy, so from the stage design, lighting, costumes, and performance types are carefully arranged. The song has a magic dance, the actors on stage and auditorium is constantly switching in Taiwan hard, high degree of interaction with the audience, because here is the Star Cruises vacation! The Five Star Deluxe Sea fun city nearly 300 meters long, more than two football fields, has more than twenty-five restaurants, bars, entertainment and activities, as long as you have energy appetite, you can enjoy the boots! Strength and beauty of the wonderful show keep step with! The twins’ skill is really applauded. Two brothers are so much time to face the audience, the real effort is admirable! We are in the Star Cruises – Virgo SUPERSTAR VIRGO6 days and 5 nights of the voyage, the ship has a first-class entertainment!相关的主题文章: