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The idea that the general meeting of shareholders: I want to shout flying aunt swearing foul available Kyushin Pills hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always tell you the day is an ordinary shareholders meeting you. It turned into a "pidouhui". Yesterday (14 days) more than 6 in the afternoon, Condall in the general meeting of shareholders announced: the second largest shareholder of Kingkey group demanded the dismissal of Condall 14 directors and supervisors and other motion was rejected all. The results just released, the lawyer immediately asked the Kingkey group on-site ticket, and some small shareholders directly booed, even swearing. It is worth noting that, in July 29th, the general assembly (000048.SZ) at the shareholders’ meeting, the media broke the news: the outbreak of a serious physical conflict. Background: Kingkey group originally and KONDARL has nothing to do, but through acquisition of KONDARL shares, Kingkey group has become the second largest shareholder. Today, Kingkey group intention to KONDARL change dynasties by the board of directors, board of supervisors, achieve complete control to kondarl. But the Kingkey group moves by Kangdaer controlling shareholder China investment super fierce resistance. The shareholders’ meeting is held, aimed at Kingkey group to recall Condall existing directors and supervisors of shareholders’ meeting. This is the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter participated in the security of the most stringent listed company shareholders meeting. Yesterday (14 days), from the beginning to enter the Shenzhen KONDARL Lujing era building door, the 24 layer to KONDARL straight ladder, there are a number of security guard, KONDARL staff told reporters after the small shareholder identity verification to pass. After entering the KONDARL floor also need through the 4 security guards the door, finally entered the general meeting room. Reporters at the venue has settled, found beside two uniformed security personnel stood. General meeting of shareholders (each reporter Wang Zhifu photo) why heavily-guarded? In the original July 29th KONDARL meeting, had "physical conflict blood". According to media reports, the day of the general meeting of shareholders KONDARL was called "the most confusing shareholders", because of some small and medium-sized shareholders sound trouble, led Congress repeatedly forced to abort. Individual shareholders emotional confusion, medium and small shareholders and KONDARL staff have said the other wounded, even scratches bleeding. If the previous shareholders’ meeting is "fighting", then the shareholders’ meeting is only the mouth without hands in the war of words. At the beginning of the meeting, Condall, chairman of the board of supervisors He Guangming asked the lawyer Kingkey group, whether to withdraw the dismissal of Condall 14 incumbent directors and surveillance bill, Kingkey group lawyer clear reply: not to withdraw. When the lawyer Kingkey group also want to speak further, He Guangming through the microphone to declare the meeting process, the speech sound suppression. "We would also like to express our views on the proposed motion相关的主题文章: