The man in the two generation of fraud posing as officials of dozens of people involved over 5 milli xpphone

The man in the two generation of fraud posing as officials of dozens of people involved over 5 million Sohu news Modern Express News, recently, Nanjing Qinhuai police arrested two crazy crime suspect fraud. Modern Express reporter learned that they often "comrade" users to start, and claimed to be the son of the leadership, project promotion, to the back door under the guise of fraud of dozens of people, involving more than 5 million yuan. At the beginning of August this year, Nanjing citizens Mr. Zhu went to Huaihailu Road police station, said he was her boyfriend cheated 140 thousand yuan. Originally, Mr. Zhu is gay, in early June of this year, he was a man Zhang online with friends, the two sides talk, they met at the Confucius temple meeting. "I think he was famous, is a look at the rich out of the conversation, and knowledge is not in general." Mr. Zhu told the police, because the two people of similar age, the relationship between the development of very fast, not long before the establishment of the lover relationship. Modern Express reporter learned that Zhang soon revealed his true identity to Chu, the son of a senior official in the field. Mr. Zhu online search found that Zhang and the leadership looks like, even if the dispel concerns. Later, Zhang learned that Mr. Zhu spent about 2000000 yuan to buy a suite, he said he and the real estate business to know, you can let the other side to take the internal price, so you can refund part of the 1629 to Mr. zhu. Mr. Zhu gave each other for gospel truth, 40 thousand yuan fee. The results of this thing, do not give Zhang and Mr. Zhu "refers to the money". Zhang said he was prepared and Nanjing a rich two generation to open a red wine factory, has raised $1 million 900 thousand, the difference is enough to register the capital of $100 thousand. If Mr. Zhu provides 100 thousand of the funds, you can convert the original shares. As long as there is a red wine market, there is no need to worry about Zhang, Zhu’s annual investment return of 100 thousand yuan is properly. So, Mr. Zhu did not want to remit 100 thousand yuan. Modern Express reporter learned that Zhang delayed because these things are not resolved, Mr. Zhu Zhang arrived home and find out the actual situation, found not leadership, but Zhang told his name and identity card is not the same. Aware of the possibility of being cheated, Mr. Zhu called the police. Police investigation found that Zhang is not the son of senior officials, he was also cheated more than one. Modern Express reporter learned that the police to see Zhang’s bank records, and soon found the more than and 10 victims. Less cheated about 100000, more than $500 thousand. The police department learned from the victim, Zhang with a secretary Wang, Zhang often do, every time what to live is Wang access management secretary. In August 15th, the arrest time is ripe, Dunshou police Zhang and his accomplices arrested in their home. Zhang explained that he thought about the days of high society, so the beginning of fraud. Two years cheated dozens of people, the amount of fraud over 5 million. Currently, Zhang and Wang on suspicion of fraud by the Qinhuai police criminal detention, the case is being further processed.相关的主题文章: