The man stole luxury car early in the morning and night sister fill up the back stop sichen

The man stole luxury car early in the morning and night sister fill up the back 17, stop 6 points early in the morning, he put Land Rover back on time. Monitor screenshot provided by the police city street lane of high-grade residential underground garage every day staged magic scene! Home City Street Lane District Liu couple, this several days for a rather baffling thing, anxious and fearful. Liu family was generous with her husband, with a total of 5 private cars, and equipped with a professional driver. The couple often socialize, driving out at night, so the night of October 15th from the beginning, the underground garage that Land Rover does not stop in the parking spaces, they did not care, Ms. Liu thought it was her husband out of circulation, the husband is the same, that Ms. Liu drove out socializing, and second days of the day, this car Land Rover will return to the parking spaces on the right. But in October 17th 9 pm, Ms. Liu happened with her husband and returned home, passing car, Land Rover had also disappeared! The three night in a row of a guy walked into the garage left Land Rover come swaggeringly "this couple will feel a little strange, ask each other each other, actually these days have not to open this car! Is the driver did not say hello to open out? The driver immediately for questioning, also said the driver did not open……" If the car is stolen, why come back on time every morning? Deeply strange things, Liu first time reported to the police. Mishi Lane police station police rushed to the scene of high. Watch the monitor screen of the underground garage, with high officer Liu couples are dumbfounded. "Not theft. Land Rover left, is a young man, come swaggeringly into the garage, without any suspicious behavior, in his pants pocket a key to open the door, Shumenshulu drove off. No. 15, No. 16, No. 17 for three consecutive days, every day he drove over second days in the evening at eight, five or six in the morning, and returning the car." High police officer with Ms Liu repeatedly confirmed that the picture of the young man in the end is not their relatives and friends? Liu couple looked over and over again, said he did not know this man. It is seen that the district security guy, but because the underground garage has an independent entrance, and do not go in the garage gate area, although there are security guard, but in the end as Front Gate guarded access, see every guy dressed, come swaggeringly into the past, the garage security did not inquire more about him. Since the first few days of every guy will come back to the car, perhaps this time is no exception, the high officers called for backup, decided to place dunshou. From midnight until 18 in the morning 6 points, Huzhen road back! "As soon as he got into the parking lot, he was surrounded by us. We walked down and relaxed." I didn’t steal the car, "he said" The suspect wearing a tight T-shirt, a tall, though not tall, but very good-looking, is a standard "Metrosexual". The high officer turned his hand to pay Land Rover key over to see the look, is not made out of what technical means of imitation. The key is to pick up? The tiger is open to go to the pub in the girl back to the police station to check, this man surnamed Zhang, 19 years old, Fujian, in the country there have been many others to steal open vehicle records. The face of police, Zhang repeatedly in a sentence, "the key is to pick up me.相关的主题文章: