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The more afraid of it it will be strong   random treatment instead of deterioration: peace with cancer cells – People’s Health Channel – people suffering from cancer is the countdown to life? Certainly not. As early as 2006, the WHO has suggested that cancer is a chronic disease that can be regulated. Since then, the authorities will also have cancer out of "incurable" category. It is not impossible to coexist peacefully with cancer cells. There are cancer cells in the human body as a "cell state", an adult body is composed of about ten million billion cells. Under normal circumstances, the vast majority of the cells are too observant of conventional standards. duties. However, when exposed to adverse external stimuli, normal cells may be transformed into cancer cells.   the presence of cancer cells does not mean that they will soon develop cancer, because the human body also has its own guard force, that is, the immune system. A healthy and powerful immune system will quickly identify and destroy the cancer cells, so that cancer cells do not continue to split up, the opportunity to develop cancer. The process of mutation and reverse mutation of cells is carried out almost every time. Therefore, there may be a certain number of cancer cells in the healthy human body, but the immune system to quickly remove it.   if you are suffering from cancer, it is usually because of what is known as "tumor immune escape."". For example, due to viruses, fungi, radiation, chemical carcinogens and other factors, the immune system is inhibited, unable to play a monitoring and clear function, will allow cancer cells to escape the "encirclement and suppression", and then split crazy growth, until more than tens of millions, in order to physically show "cancer". In addition to external factors and psychological factors caused by immune suppression, biological regulation and immune micro environment problems can occur, immune tolerance, immune system aging age will appear, will lead to the escape of cancer cells. This is one of the important reasons for the elderly cancer was higher than that of young people. It cannot be cured, but it can be controlled, although it is a chronic disease, but there is a great difference in the degree of fear of cardiovascular disease and cancer. In the face of the former, most people are able to survive, while the latter is almost impossible to accept. This is mainly because people are still not aware of cancer.   cancer has the characteristics of chronic disease. In addition, the effective control of the modern treatment of cancer, the patient’s survival time is greatly extended. Therefore, most cancers are slow, slow, slow death. Typically, from the initial cell mutation to the symptoms appear to be checked out, at least 2~3 years, or even 5 years, 10 years. In the process of "latent", the progress of modern medical treatment makes people have more opportunities to realize the early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.   in fact, there is a greater negative impact on the progress of the disease is the attitude of people towards cancer. Someone said: "many cancer patients are scared to death." Although the above conclusions can not be drawn in medicine, but to some extent, this sentence has some truth. Some people are diagnosed with cancer, the pressure is too large, do not eat well, sleep)相关的主题文章: