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The music sales activity and double counter attack, micro-blog fans economy era – Ying precision technology Sohu in the view of many mobile marketing experts and market traders, fans economy like a piece of sweet cake, but to taste the cost and price but it’s more, with the diversification of mobile information terminal applications, many of the original social public number article marketing relatively rely on open rate and interaction rate has shown a certain landslide. How in the mobile user growth dividend is exhausted, fans can achieve marketing intensive and meticulous farming has become a significant topic, mobile marketing. But the rose powder is difficult, difficult bottleneck is not without interactive solutions, recently LETV through three weeks of micro-blog red feedback activities, to achieve a double harvest, the number of fans and the topic activity proved micro-blog red can be normal operation, then with the user, the topic of interest, accurate lock, fans economy through intensive and meticulous farming, also ushered in a new wave of growth. LETV mobile phone sales surge curve, and micro-blog fans activity curve synchronization in music as announced at the mobile phone, you will not think of just two years, LETV mobile phone has more than one million years shipping mark, toward the annual shipments of tens of millions. The mobile phone in the mode of ecological competitiveness, but also social marketing to boost sales of music as counterproductive important, round into the micro-blog red after normalization to do, but let us see the fans after the operation fine operation potential. LETV recently in micro-blog launched micro-blog red feedback activities, through its own brand micro-blog LETV LETV account matrix, to nearly 10 million LETV mobile phone terminal users, issued a total amount of nearly 1 million yuan fan red; during the event, related activities post was forwarded 1 million 70 thousand times, the total amount of reading nearly 6 million 600 thousand times, including @ LETV video "260 thousand," new fans account @ music as ecology "," 80 thousand new fans account @ music as EUI "new fans 160 thousand, reached 2 million 40 thousand. According to Shiner latest data show, LETV mobile phone reached 2 million in sales in May this year, the domestic market share reached 4.7%, ranked eighth, while shipments growth rate is two times the industry growth rate of second; while OPPO with the excellent performance of the R9, the domestic market share reached 15.3%, HUAWEI, vivo sales growth momentum. According to Shiner and micro-blog jointly launched the "micro intelligent mobile phone report" data show that iPhone user activity is still among the best, in the past year sales increase rapidly, LETV, HUAWEI, Meizu OPPO, at second, third, fifth and seventh, while the original fans economy representative brand millet is down to sixth. A mobile phone brand user activity, can actually reflect the important index of the brand user age distribution, user stickiness from the side, when the active users of statistics and sales change curves appear highly consistent, we can see that micro-blog representative of the social media spread and fan operation ability, impact on the sales of subtle trends. In my opinion, the user activity curve and the sales curve are.相关的主题文章: