The people of Beijing modern 4S shop clerk cheated Car Buying arrogance is not responsible for polartec

The people of Beijing modern 4S shop clerk cheated Car Buying arrogance is not responsible for the welcome to Oriental pager, I was a reporter Lu Lanting. Oriental paging hotline received audience Mr. Zhu 6276270 days before he calls reflect the purchase of vehicles on the Beiqing road Beijing modern 4S shop, and before the salesman again and again to the sales staff said, do not want to get the showroom vehicles, sales staff agreed, but when mentioning the discovery or display vehicle. Mr. Zhu said, he in October 2nd and on the Beijing modern 4S cars to Lianxing Beiqing Highway No. 3, then ordered a sonata nine car, and on the spot to pay all cars. "When I went to the car in the hall, and I took the frame number, I told him that you don’t give me a show car for me, he promised to give me the car show, at the time the contract is not written, but he spoken, and call him when the phone on the tape. I did not expect to mention the car in October 26th, 4S shop to him or the show car. To find their manager, they came out in the hall when the speech is very drag, arrogant. He said he would not give the show car to you, you say this car is not my mobile phone on the car, he said that you don’t have to give me no, he said you how to record and take photos with my mobile phone, he said you have a picture of it? In the case of the two sides of the unpleasant situation, Mr. Zhu dialed 110. The reporter contacted Beijing Lianxing modern 4S shop customer service service, surnamed Yan said, "if you show car sale is not with the customer? Ms. Yan: show car will surely follow him, the clerk has now left him without saying we don’t know. Sales manager Mr. Hu to sell to Mr. Zhu’s car is a vehicle is also not know whether. We have never said that from beginning to end the show car is not selling, before paying car is read to him, and he in the confirmation of car have been signed, so there is no what show car does not show car, then dropped out of my company is losing a lot, I insurance also gave him a good, he must say this car is a car show, I do not care about, is a photograph can prove that show car is not the car show, it is not fair ah! Is not the exhibition car because of this situation I did not know. City Consumer Protection Committee of the Ministry of justice director Wang thrush said: 4S shop selling car is obliged to show the vehicle situation truthfully inform consumers, otherwise it is infringement. In accordance with the provisions of the consumer protection law: businesses should be in accordance with the provisions of the consumer to fulfill, since consumers do not buy this exhibition car, and businesses have promised not to provide this exhibition car. Second, businesses in the performance of automobile consumption contract, it will give consumers a show car, he still has to tell the consumer, here we would like to remind consumers, if there is a special agreement with the business if not the best oral, the best in the blanks with the endorsement. Thanks for listening to today’s East相关的主题文章: