The Shanghai men’s basketball team beat Liaoning 7 wins and 1 Top standings standings chompoo araya

The Shanghai men’s basketball team beat Liaoning 7 wins and 1 Top standings standings Shanghai men’s basketball team beat Liaoning   7 wins and 1 losses and Xinjiang tied for the top Xinhua morning news reporter Tang Ge Intern Wu Wenjun 2016-17 CBA regular season in the eighth round started last night, the Shanghai men’s basketball team reached the northeast two straight second station, the Liaoning men’s basketball team challenge. The two teams before the game the same record, but are faced with the problem of absence. Shanghai men’s basketball coach since the last round of the game by the Basketball Association accused the referee suspended, but the Liaoning team not only have to face Li Xiaoxu and he Tianju missing injured, is one disaster after another round of the game, they had just experienced a three overtime battle. Shanghai men’s basketball team will seize the Liaoning team, not a physical failure frequently played back, the second half is by virtue of Gilmore · Frey Dieter’s three consecutive points will eventually defeat opponents, the Shanghai team on the road to 117:105 in the Liaoning men’s basketball team. The first section of the game, the Liaoning team took the lead, with a small foreign aid Hodson’s hot hand, made a perfect start. The Shanghai men’s basketball team is three points to Liu Xiaoyu not resigned to playing second fiddle, cold back, Frey Dieter not resigned to playing second fiddle into three points, then a cast again reduced the score. With Liu Xiaoyu’s three points in the first quarter, the end of the game, Liaoning and Shanghai to fight 23:19. The festival contest, Liaoning players physical condition began to deteriorate, the first section of the hot hand is gone, the pace of the game began to be in control of the Shanghai sharks, and Friday with extreme pressure whistle bomb box half of Harding Park, Shanghai 50:42 counter ultra. For the second half, the Shanghai team continued the good feeling of section second, inside and outside line flowers, the difference has been opened to two digits. Shanghai striker Cai Liang in the third quarter ends play eye-catching, with his empty cut on the ball into the end of the third quarter, the Shanghai team 86:73 to further expand the lead. The distal battle, both sides began a three point war, the Shanghai team of foreign aid Teyu Zhan Yuyong wearing small Fred, his series of three hits, the difference was opened to 20 points. The last 5 minutes, the Shanghai team began to control the rhythm, has maintained a steady around 15 points. The final timer sounded the end of the game, the Shanghai team in the final 117:105 victory over the Liaoning team. 上海男篮力克辽宁7胜1负 暂居积分榜首位   上海男篮力克辽宁 7胜1负与新疆队并列积分榜首位 新华社   晨报记者 唐 舸 实习生 吴文俊   2016-17赛季CBA常规赛第八轮昨晚全面打响,上海男篮到达东北两连客的第二站,挑战辽宁男篮。两队此役之前战绩相同,但都面临人员缺席这一难题。上海男篮主帅由于上一轮赛后指责裁判被篮协停赛,而辽宁队不光要面对李晓旭和贺天举的伤缺,雪上加霜的是,他们上一轮比赛刚刚经历了一场三加时苦战。上海男篮也抓住辽宁队的体能不支、失误频频打出反击,下半场更是凭借吉默·弗雷戴特的连续三分将对手击溃,最终上海男篮在客场以117:105轻取辽宁男篮。   首节比赛,辽宁队率先发难,凭借小外援哈德森的火热手感,取得了一个完美开局。而上海男篮也不甘示弱,刘晓宇冷血三分予以还击,弗雷戴特不甘示弱投入三分,此后一记抛投再次缩小比分。随着刘晓宇的三分中的,首节比赛结束,辽宁、上海战成23:19。次节较量,辽宁队员的体能状况开始出现问题,首节的火热手感也一去不返,比赛节奏开始渐渐被上海大鲨鱼掌控,随着弗雷戴特压哨弹框而出,半场战罢,上海50:42反超。   下半场争夺,上海队延续了第二节的良好手感,内外线开花,分差逐渐被拉开到两位数。上海队前锋蔡亮在第三节比赛攻防两端发挥抢眼,随着他的空切上篮球进第三节结束,上海男篮86:73进一步扩大领先优势。末节决战,双方互不相让开始了三分大战,上海队小外援弗雷戴特愈战愈勇,他的一连串三分命中后,分差一度拉开至20分。最后5分钟,上海男篮开始控制节奏,稳扎稳打一直保持着15分左右的分差。终场计时器响全场比赛结束,最终上海男篮以117:105大胜辽宁队。相关的主题文章: