The world’s largest single Wine production plant to start the first batch of products of small also sexhu

The world’s largest single Wine production plant to start the first batch of products of small grape – Beijing official line to the small also! What kind of chemical reaction happens when the wine meets the juice? In August 27th, with Zhangyu company officially launched the first Chinese plus juice Wine — small also, this problem has a surprising answer. Small also ceremony held in Yantai Changyu international Wine City, has attracted from all over the country media and dealers enthusiasm. The new small also obtained national dealer touted in the launching ceremony, deputy general manager of Changyu Sun Jian told the guests introduced small also. He said that the first batch of listed small grapes have two flavors, namely apple and grapefruit, the future will provide more kinds of fruits and Wine collocation, provide more diverse, more cool taste of choice for consumers. Zhang Yu, deputy general manager Sun Jian introduced small also the marketing and distribution company general manager Zhang Yu Zhou Hongjiang said: "the policy of Zhang Yu in addition to brandy, Wine, health wine has now launched, small also is an innovation Wine categories, this innovation conform to the needs of the market, because this kind of products in the market has already begun popular." China Wine Association director Wang Yancai gave a high recognition, the small also said: "Changyu Pioneer, created the first Chinese juice of Wine little also, a fashionable drink is currently the more popular. Zhangyu launched this new product to fill the gaps in the Chinese market, to provide consumers with a variety of options. This product in our understanding of the industry, adhere to the basic principles of innovation in our main channel." In addition, Changyu international city Wine production center, also officially put into operation in today. The production center by Changyu invested 2 billion 500 million yuan to build, construction area of 270 thousand square meters. 15 thousand bottles per hour filling capacity of small grape production line with the countdown, five guests on the stage jointly launched the small grape production line. With the big screen display, a small box of grapes in the production line to the warehouse. 20 portable wine basket "grape" girl, the two just off the assembly line small also brought the audience. We have to open a bottle of drink, to celebrate the first as cheerful as a lark, China juice Wine successful offline!相关的主题文章: