These games have ten games that require deep understanding reshacker

The game has ten meanings need profound experience of the game. Game player always has some games, the surface looks view is not correct, bloody spoof, hero cynical, but after careful play will find is not so simple, the view is not correct, the surface is hidden behind a three Cheezheng heart. In fact, this way is to let the game player to the deeper meaning of the game three have a more profound understanding of. This is torture "my war – war on humanity this is my war" is a horizontal version of the sandbox game. Look at the war from a new angle, the story is based on real events. In the game, the player controls a group of civilians in the war, the player can choose to help or ignore other survivors, and each help a person who seeks help from you, the game will also be difficult to upgrade. While the game player once abandoned the moral bottom line, the old couple broke into the house, their supplies ransacked, customs clearance has become "easy". The game looks full of selfishness and killing three extremely is not only limit the moral constraints, only the hearts of the game player. But behind every decision and frustration and humanity, good and evil is often in an idea. Can stand the inquiry of morality, whether it was Kaner of your heart, everything is decided by their own game player! The game was the mother hiding – the family is the most important game is "Mom hid" is an escape, all levels are trying to find the game mother son hide to find the game through a checkpoint. Out of the pot of a mother, a pile of police officers out of the cabinet, in order to get the game machine what methods are used, as if to return to fight with the mother of the times. And to the last level, the upper left corner of the time after 1000 days, was lovely teenage boy has become dead Indoorsman, when the game player game down the opportunity to discover, the family has been there for you, the outcome is surprisingly warm. On the surface seems to be a spoof of the integrity no escape, but not escape their mother to get the game machine, game machine down, leave the room, back to their warm family. GTA: reflect on their game with the doings almost the same with the real world view of the world. Players can play three characters and switch at any time, each protagonist has its own unique personality and story background, as well as the intertwined story. Looks full of violence, pornography, drugs, and all other social intrigues and treachery of negative energy, but in the course of the game is not in the discussion and every hour and moment to remind the principle and the bottom line of human nature, does not seem to be a good person in the game, but they did not come to a good end. This is a game player to help release the pressure and the criminal desire of the machine, in this virtual world is open, you can do whatever you want to do great things, but you will pay the price, and return is more real treasure of life, with GTA as reference, reflection own the doings. Die – remind baby bear this method, do not seek death will not die "death" is a stupid.相关的主题文章: