These three parents will be able to educate a good child, which one do you belong to Sohu –

These three parents will be able to educate a good child, which one do you belong to? Sohu – maternal parents handed hammer: give your child the greatest support Deng Ya Ping is maintained for 8 consecutive years ranked first in the world table tennis player, her success, cannot do without a "father handed hammer". Deng Ya Ping followed his father to learn to play from the age of 5, but she is short and stubby, does not meet the requirements of the school sports school, generally will be her away. However, her father did not say to her: children, you can not, you do not fit. But became her strong backing, gave her a strong support – no one to teach, teach yourself. See her daughter practicing distressed tears, but her daughter did not say give up, his father to fulfill the duties of the coach. Is this seemingly hopeless effort to create a generation of table tennis overlord. When children want to nail, many parents will say no to the child, you do not fit, you can not, you should not take risks. In the eyes of these parents, why do children want their nails? Hit hand how to do? Nail nails are not strong how to do? Forget it, or in accordance with mom and dad to give you a good day to plan it, a lifetime of peace. There is no doubt that these parents love their children, but not necessarily a good parent, a good teacher. When the children want to experience the world, even to achieve a seemingly lofty dreams, may face questioning and ridicule from many aspects. If you have the support of your family, the child will not be lonely, full of confidence. Long Yingtai said, "the so-called father mother a, simply means that you and his fate is constantly drifting away in this present life after his figure". Maybe not, except you watched him away, but also may have to pass him a hammer, gave him a horse, let him quickly arrive where he wanted to go. Change the finger of the parents: give the child a positive attitude towards life, the famous CCTV host Jing Yidan wrote a lot of articles to recall the mother’s article, which mentioned such a thing. In that special historical period, the father, sister, mother, was forced to leave home, home only a 13 year old Jing Yidan and his younger brother, who is only two years old. The mother before leaving home, specifically to find a few pieces of rags, cut a few triangle hole, hands to teach her sewing patches, buttons. Mother said to her: "you are the boss of the family, you should take good care of your brother. Well no, hard to learn!" Jing Yidan put the word mother firmly in mind, the home to be arranged in good order. Later, when Jing Yidan recalled the bitter days, she always smiled and said: "if the mother said: ‘my poor child!" I may cry for myself, for my brother. And the mother said: ‘hard to learn ah! I will not make bitter bitter, but by a kind of encouragement, even the pleasure." The mother of her education attitude, not only let Jing Yidan learn to endure hardship, and have a positive and practical attitude to life, she later said it’s enough to make her a lifetime. It can be said that Jing Yidan’s mother, is a typical change finger parents. She uses self相关的主题文章: