To wear snow pants for 5 years, including the back 4 years, day to earn a bucket of gold was too thr ca1871

S snow pants wearing 5 years, back 4 years, day to earn a bucket of gold was too thrifty? Over the recent street shooting, saw a group of small new airport style, feeling like the discovery of the new world: Elmar, now there are people in the snow to wear pants. About 6 or 7 years ago, snow pants have swept across the Taiwan Strait, when they follow the trend to buy one, but it seems that the next second years is not so Chic. Unexpectedly, become "obsolete goods" small to wear snow pants forever. In fact, s death do not abandon the single product more than snow pants, in a word, there is little Sibao (snow pants hoop earrings, canvas bag) and T-shirts to wear suspenders trousers from the beginning of 2011 the old snow snow pants every year is small with a high rate of a single product. From spring to winter, day after day, year after year. Small pants almost all jeans, pants and snow which accounted for half of the country. "Why s persistent" last year watercress someone made this post on outdated snow pants so many people cannot understand. S admits, snow pants is her favorite (and band). The cat ears headband cat ears headband and snow pants became a small clothing label, like many girls, love is the most direct embodiment of something to buy it all of the colors. Red, yellow, pink, big wave. From this picture, there are more than one color. The girl heart ear hairband gadgets put on others is only limited at home, or in the children’s day this special holiday took place, but on the small ears headband has risen to the height of "can’t leave without it I can do?" She had to dead fans also burned incense, "bear ear hairband for the fans, because it is my favorite band". In addition to the cat s ears, before also tried giraffe, other elephants, Shrek the hoop, finally choose to wear the most low-key style cat. S with a hoop has become a popular search keywords Taobao. Canvas bag few girls don’t love bags, in the economic conditions permit, resistance is more rare in big package, s is "rare" in a. From the beginning of 2012, the grey canvas bag became her only queen’s bag, in recent years, whether it is to travel with children or go to the airport, where there are bags appears, the probability of 98% is it. From spring to winter back, close to the point as the shadow follows the form. It is probably the only ugly in appearance, has considerable capacity. Big Circle Earrings in addition, Big Circle Earrings is s standard, at least to its stubborn preference dates back to 2012. Over the past 4 years, whether it is home or travel, there is a place where the probability of earrings is a probability of 99%. In this regard, the netizen Kanbuxiaqu, but s insisted: promise not out of fashion! In addition to snow pants, T-shirt + sling earrings, canvas bag, T-shirt + s of hoop, fascinated by the extraordinary combination of sling. The following is the shape of her this year, repeatedly confirmed that I did not take it as 10 years ago, the old photos. The black white loose T+ sling (occasionally color inversion) is a combination of small love, the other for at least 5 years not to mind taking the trouble to wear. Do not wear old clothes for children to wear taboo turns to spread the goods for the vast majority of the public.相关的主题文章: