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UBS: buy gold bar! To rise to $1350 a year – Sohu financial UBS said gold is expected to rise from 6 to $7% to $1350 within 12 months. UBS Wealth Management Department of investment research team strategist said, as long as the Fed does not quickly in a short period of interest rate, the price of gold will be strong. As interest rates will rise to suppress the price of gold, leading investors to lose interest in gold. UBS predicts gold is likely to fall to an ounce of $1225 in the next three months. Thursday gold trading price close to $1258.6. Last Friday’s U.S. payrolls report data is not enough to stop the Fed’s interest rate hike for the rest of the year. UBS said that the report is useless to some extent, although in September the United States added 156 thousand nonfarm payrolls less than the expected 172 thousand, but the Fed executives on the U.S. economy is not pessimistic. Fed vice chairman Fischer believes that the data is very close to the ideal state of the economy, the labor market and unbearable. UBS said that, according to the current situation, the fed in December after raising interest rates, the future trend of gold will become better. UBS analysts said the Fed delayed interest rate hikes and a modest rebound in inflation will push interest rates to negative in 2017. Historically, this has been able to push up the price of gold. P> selection of high-quality financial products, evaluation of popular financial products; popular financial investment knowledge; to provide ways and means to make money. Make it easier for you to make money! See more financial dry cargo, please scan the QR code below concern WeChat public number: financial plant selection"相关的主题文章: