Watch pioneer hero childhood exposure crazy rat from love bomb

"Watch" pioneer hero childhood exposure mad love rat bomb "watch pioneer (Overwatch)" in the numerous heroes each have their own characteristics, some image is very handsome, some skills, some powerful and beautiful and unique temperament, of course, Meng Meng Da La girl! So maybe a lot of people want to know what their childhood is like? Let’s take a look at it! Mei Mei’s dream is to become a scientist to protect the environment. She studied hard, took her glasses at a young age. A little crazy mad in childhood in childhood living in Australia, obsessed with all kinds of bombs, over obsessed with his black box is more obvious. The 76 year old boy, who was a little boy, who was determined to be a soldier of national defence, turned out to be a hero to defend the people of the world, he said, and he became a hero of the people’s Republic of China. He was a hero of the people’s Republic of china. Before the death of the 76 death has not yet become a god of death, he had a happy family, but also like ordinary people live a dull life. Mccrea, a child’s death, was a surprise. Little Mccrea was a ghost. Through special childhood let young Mccrea carry out their own justice persist in wilfully and arbitrarily. The childhood of Mccrea Sina’s statement: this navigation posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: