Woman sneaked into the hospital to steal the hospital under the supervision of the thieves took pict pgd-426

The woman sneaked into the hospital crime theft hospital monitoring photographed the Shadow Thief (Figure) for video screenshot shows the suspect the woman take the medical staff do not pay attention to, a woman sneaked into the hospital outside the operation room, a medical staff purse stolen. 16, 2009, in a hospital in the city, the suspect will be photographed under surveillance. Chen is a nurse in the hospital, 16 days morning 8 when Xu rushed to the hospital, a storage cabinet will bag at the third floor outside the operation room inside, then began to work. 2 pm, Chen ready to take the package, that take wings to itself. There are several hundred dollars in cash, as well as identity cards and bank cards, etc.. That bag is stolen, Chen called boyfriend Kim and reported to the police. Kim, operation room, usually in addition to the medical staff, ordinary people are not allowed to enter, who knows the "bold" thief loopholes. He later retrieved surveillance video shows a young woman carrying a black bag out of the operation room. He hoped that the police can catch the thief as soon as possible, so that she should be punished. Reporters then call the Public Security Bureau of Dongbao spring mouth police station learned that the Institute has been involved in the investigation. Police urged the suspects to take the initiative, to surrender as early as possible. Sweep code big Chu Jingmen, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: