Xingxingdiandeng, caring left-behind children welfare plan start a new network – in mcncc

Xingxingdiandeng care? Left-behind children welfare programme – Beijing Beijing in September 20 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ximin) jointly hosted by in British life and Xingxingdiandeng care? Left-behind children welfare plan launching ceremony held in Beijing 20, Guan Aipin stuck in left-behind children. The plan to "ping-pong with you" as the theme, by the famous tennis coach Lu Yuansheng, and tennis stars as ambassadors, and volunteers together in poor areas for a period of two months traveled to Hubei, Sichuan and other 12 provinces, field visits left-behind children, sent to care for them. In recent years, the left behind children in China is a prominent social problem. In promoting the rapid development of the market economy, a large number of rural surplus labor to change the living conditions of migrant workers, most of them couples go out together, because of the economic field, entrance policy, the household registration system and other reasons can not bring their children around, resulting in "left behind children" problem. According to a survey released by the National Women’s Federation, the country has more than 6100 children left in rural areas, accounting for about 15 of the children. The British life president Yu Ning said in his speech, left-behind children faces two major problems, one is the lack of materials, lack of educational resources, another is because of the lack of parents, poor spiritual life, and at this stage the severity is more prominent. He said that physical exercise in children of this important stage of growth, is to inspire children’s ideal, develop a good character, cultivate their noble sentiments and determination of the character, let the children’s physical and mental health development. To this end, Yu Ning said that this year the Xingxingdiandeng project invites digital table tennis star as the ambassador of love, with a small table bridge connecting table tennis star and left-behind children, with sports spirit left-behind children, music and sports from the heart of each other, the level of multi angle care for this group, incentive left-behind children. The event also conducted a racket donation and love to pass, donated a table tennis star signature racket to the recipient schools on behalf of. (end)相关的主题文章: