Youfuzhifu but the other disappeared to crash death of divorced woman in love

Youfuzhifu disappeared only to each other to commit suicide in Nantong crash a woman made Taizhou a Youfuzhifu of divorced woman in love, and wait for each other and their married divorce. Unexpectedly, after waiting for March, her boyfriend played a missing. The way to find a woman in Taizhou, until 25 am still failed to meet "boyfriend", in desperation to commit suicide crash. Enlighten by the police, the woman gave up the idea of suicide. September 25th at 5 am, a woman appeared in a cell door in Taizhou, see the car will hit. Near the people seeing side to stabilize the woman while the police. Thai police station rushed to the scene after the police asked the woman into the police car, and she chatted up. The woman said her last week, Nantong, more than 3 months ago met a man living in the city of Taizhou sohn. After the chat, Sohn told her that he was doing divorce procedures. Soon after the divorce of a very happy to listen to, the two quickly identified the love relationship, Sohn Zhou promised to divorce within 3 months. But from the beginning of this month, Zhou found that Sohn do not answer the phone, WeChat is not back, I went to Taizhou to find a few times, did not find, only to find the sun left home address is fake, he had the idea of suicide. The police enlighten, Zhou calm a lot. The same day, the police will be sent back to Nantong shuttle. Yin Youwen Zhang Genqin相关的主题文章: