Zhejiang the province’s courts shop intelligent voice recognition system to solve the problem of man dataload

Zhejiang: the province’s Court of intelligent speech recognition system with case less than predicament – Beijing, Beijing, September 13 Hangzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter Wang Gang) 13 days, 1 cases from the insurance dispute in Zhejiang Province Higher People’s Court 1 murders a criminal case, Ningbo City Intermediate People’s Court of 1 from the financial loan contract dispute, Huzhou City Intermediate People’s court trial at the same time. At the scene of the trial, the display synchronized record, showing the judge and the participants say every word. And all this is done by the intelligent speech recognition system. On the same day, the reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Higher People’s court, the court of Zhejiang province in order to alleviate the contradiction, less than the case to improve trial efficiency, the hospital launched the intelligent speech recognition system research and development work in March this year, the overall recognition of the system accuracy has reached 95%. As the first area of deepening reform, the higher the degree of market in Zhejiang, a number of contradictions and disputes first, easy hair. According to statistics, over the past ten years the number of cases in Zhejiang province court accepted an increase of 1.6 times. Only in 2015 in Zhejiang province’s courts received 1 million 344 thousand cases of various types, the trial execution node 1 million 272 thousand, closed the number was over second; the line judge handling the case closed 218 per capita, which is 2.2 times the national average, ranking first in the country. From the sampling situation, is expected in 2016 Zhejiang province court case volume will exceed 1 million 500 thousand. People’s demand for justice continues to increase, more pressure on the court to enforce the law to handle the case, to alleviate the contradiction between the case more than a few people, not only to increase staffing unsustainable." Zhejiang Provincial Higher People’s court management office director Yao Haitao said that in recent years, Zhejiang provincial court to promote the "Internet plus trial reform, the information technology has brought the reform bonus into the efficiency of the trial, which is an important measure to the development and application of intelligent speech recognition system. In order to further promote judicial openness, forced the trial norms, improve work efficiency, the court of Zhejiang province relying on the province’s 2078 HD digital court, in August 2014 the first of its kind in the country, to actively explore the trial recording instead of traditional written records. As of August 2016, the province’s courts have tried 329353 cases, of which, from 2016 to August trial of 193325, accounting for the same period the number of cases of trial of the case, the trial rate of more than 23 grassroots courts of more than 80% in. After the implementation of the reform of the trial record, the clerk significantly reduce the burden of recording, with more time and energy to engage in other ancillary work." Yao Haitao told reporters, the trial record reform "Butterfly Effect" appears, the trial process has also undergone a series of major changes: the trial judge’s hearing is more focused, more standardized, trial ability is also improved. Pictured: Zhejiang Provincial Higher People’s court hearing. Wang Gang photo, but at the same time, this reform also brings discomfort to the judge and the parties. To judge, to directly collect the contents of the notes making documents inconvenient; the parties to appeal or retrial, the clerk need to copy out the record, more trouble. To this end, the Zhejiang provincial high court in March 2016 to start intelligent speech recognition research and development projects, the system in Hangzhou West Lake in May)相关的主题文章: